Hiking & Fishing

Hiking and Fishing opportunities in the North Carolina Mountains attract people from all around the world. Burlingame is near Gorges State Park, Natahala National Forest, Pisgah National Forest and Dupont State Forest. Mountain biking, hiking, zip-lining, rafting and kayaking outfitters and guides are in abundant supply in the region. Additionally, nearby Lake Glenville is a great place to rent a boat for a day of family fun.

Born out of appreciation for the natural landscape, the Burlingame Outdoor Club visits the entire river corridor and surrounding areas. The group is led by naturalist Scotty Ruff, an expert on Burlingame and the Cashiers-Highland plateau. On each outing, members will learn about the flora, fauna and history of each area visited. The club takes on River beautification projects and host gatherings along the river at the Park Pavilion. For more information contact Scotty Ruff at 828-884-8491 or via email at -- scotty@burlingamepoa.com

The various trails on property, including Rock Bridge, Miller Falls and Opossum Log Trails, among others, provide hikers of all abilities the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Burlingame.

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