Fly Fishing

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Nature’s sanctuary

“To him, all good things, trout as well as eternal salvation, come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.” – A River Runs Through It, 1976

Matching the hatch, you react to a jumping rise, the flicker of a rainbow breaks the water. Burlingame has some of the best private water in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Horse pasture River runs right through our property. Native brooks and browns, along with stocked rainbow trout create one of the nicest environments for Water Whippers and Flea Flickers.

Your Private Adventure Starts Here

Purposefully built in a mountain forest for family and friends, Burlingame presents an amenity offering with something for everyone. All celebrating, and paying homage to the beauty of nature, a respect for the land, and a strong sense of stewardship for future generations.