Be Pampered and Well


Your personal getaway

Stay well year round at Burlingame’s Rejuvenate Wellness Center and Spa. Set upon a picturesque backdrop, our Center features exercise equipment and free weights, yoga and exercise classes, as well as Service Providers who garner rave reviews. Clients ranging from well-toned athletes to individuals living with challenges and chronic disease speak highly of our staff. Available year round, our staff helps many of our members get back in the swing of life, regardless of their challenges.

Our Wellness Center and Spa offers a variety of personalized services including private coaching, classes, therapeutic massages and Bellanina Facelift Facial massages. Choose from a variety of classes, including: stretching, non-impact cardio, strength training, non-impact HIT aqua fitness, yoga and of course a full range of therapeutic massages to keep you feeling well year round- on or off the court or course.


Consult with one of Rejuvenate’s knowledgeable, professional staff members to help you decide which services are best for your overall health and well-being.

  • Private Fitness Sessions to Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Classes and Private Coaching
  • Bellanina Facelift Facial Massages
  • Therapeutic Massage from Distinctly Different Therapists
  • Essential Golf and Tennis Stretching
  • Non-Impact High Interval Training Aqua Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Three Unique Yoga Classes
  • Private Yoga Coaching
  • Back and Belly Toning
  • Move and Groove Cardio

Your Private Adventure Starts Here

Purposefully built in a mountain forest for family and friends, Burlingame presents an amenity offering with something for everyone. All celebrating, and paying homage to the beauty of nature, a respect for the land, and a strong sense of stewardship for future generations.